Curriculum DesignManaged Care Training & Curriculum Design

ProFusion offers a variety of training products related to the health care marketplace, ranging from the basic managed care landscape to discussions regarding the future of health care delivery in the United States. These products are designed to serve as components of a broader training curriculum that fits the needs of your learners. For instance, if your learners are just entering the health care marketplace, you may choose to start your curriculum with The Managed Care Landscape, a primer that describes the major stakeholders in the U.S. market and how they relate to one another.

More tenured learners may begin their curriculum designed with training products that describe how health care reform is changing the entire business model of health care delivery. Subsequent training events for those tenured learners could continue with subjects like The Demise of Payors, which describes how health care providers are assuming the financial risk traditionally held by managed care companies.

The format of your final deliverable can be designed to fit your needs, whether that be a printed module, a multi-media presentation, or a live workshop.

To see examples and product descriptions, please visit our portfolio page and view our online demonstration.