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Training in Managed Care & The Business of Medicine

Today’s health care landscape is shifting under the feet of every industry stakeholder. The pressures of health care reform are changing the environment in which clinical decisions are made. In light of this, it is critical that your team’s learning objectives change to reflect the evolving needs of your customers.

ProFusion can help. Our consulting and training products are designed to reveal the competing pressures being felt by prescribers in today’s marketplace, and how clinical decisions are impacted as a result. ProFusion can provide your teams with the industry knowledge they need to succeed.

ProFusion also delivers customized training solutions based on your learner’s needs. We focus on managed care topics and how marketplace pressures impact the health care industry. If your team needs to understand the business of medicine, we can help.

Our services include:

🔸Consulting on how the business of medicine may impact your product’s success in the marketplace

🔸Foundational training for field-based teams on managed care

🔸Training on advanced concepts that predict the future of health care delivery

🔸Up-to-date training on the business of medicine

🔸Customized curriculum design to accommodate your teams’ needs

🔸Training delivery through e-learning, discussion-based webinars, live workshops, and printed modules

🔸Evidence-based account management training with the Value Perspective model

Achieve evidence-based account management by applying specific assets from our portfolio in a sequential order 

Risk is Shifting in the Market Access Environment

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CMS ACOs Must Change

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The Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) is not achieving its intended results. As the first of several Accountable Care Organization (ACO) models implemented by CMS, the MSSP has the most participants and the most data for analysis. In fact, there are currently 561 MSSP ACOs delivering care to 10.5 million lives.  … Read More

Spreading the Blame for High Drug Costs

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The cost of prescription drugs continues to be an important topic in the U.S. healthcare system. Blaming the manufacturer for setting high prices for its products is almost too easy; in reality, various members of the drug delivery system play a role in increasing the cost of drugs. Let’s discuss … Read More

In fact, our government does “negotiate” drug prices

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The cost of pharmaceuticals is often in the news. Sometimes the story revolves around price-gouging (think Tura Pharmaceuticals). Other times the story revolves around life-saving therapies that come at high costs (think Sovaldi and Harvoni). Sometimes the national conversation leads many people to ask “why doesn’t our government negotiate the price it … Read More

Bad News For Patients?

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If you thought that the recent purchase of the large pharmacy benefit management company (PBM) Catamaran by UnitedHealthcare was a real yawner, you may want to think again. This news has significant ramifications for new payment models and for the efforts by Medicare and CMS to enlist a value-based medical … Read More

Buying Healthcare: Putting You In Charge

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Employer-supplied health insurance (ESI) is going away. The process of acquiring health insurance is rapidly changing in ways that will put you in charge of the purchasing decision. This represents a fundamental shift in the market, as individuals will be empowered to become the consumer of health plans, not just the … Read More

The Next Generation ACO…evolution at work?

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CMS just announced the “Next Generation ACO” model. The question is, did evolution eliminate traits that threaten the survival of the ACO concept? Two traits of the existing model that have so far caused great concern to providers are the benchmark spending targets set by CMS and controlling where Medicare … Read More