A Broader Training Effort

Develop the perfect training solution for any team 

Customized Curriculum Design

Our customized market access curricula are designed to reveal the competing pressures being felt by prescribers in today’s marketplace, and how perceptions of your product(s) may change as a result. If your team needs to understand how the business of medicine impacts the prescribing decision, we can help!

A Typical Curriculum Structure

A typical training curriculum for any team utilizes a combination of ProFusion’s proprietary training assets within the same 3-phase structure.

Expose your teams to key learning concepts impacting their customers and thus product access.

Phase 1
Expose your teams to key learning concepts impacting their customers and thus product access. Work with a subject matter expert to select e-learning courses from ProFusion’s comprehensive off-the-shelf catalog that meet your team’s needs. Topics range from detailed explanations of the structure of the healthcare system to interpreting market pressures impacting the business decisions made by all healthcare stakeholders

Apply concepts learned from e-learning courses to your team’s real-world environment.

Phase 2

Apply concepts learned from e-learning courses to your team’s real-world environment. Using field coaching guides, retention campaigns, and/or live webinars will ensure a thorough understanding of market access concepts. This will equip learners to view their customers from a new perspective.

Activity-Based Workshop icon (1)

Challenge your team to develop strategies for real-world scenarios that are in line with company goals.​

Phase 3
Challenge your team to develop strategies for real-world scenarios that are in line with company goals.​ ProFusion-facilitated workshops challenge the team to develop tactics in preparation for opportunities they may experience in the field. They will be coached on best practices in line with company goals.

Setting New-hires up for Success

Continuing Education:​
Keeping Up with Marketplace Trends

Today’s healthcare landscape is shifting under the feet of even the most tenured individuals. The pressures of health care reform are changing the environment in which clinical decisions are made. In light of this, a continuing education effort is key to understanding the evolving needs of your customers.​

​With regularly updated off-the-shelf e-learning courses and customizable training assets, any level of market access training is available. The depth of your training is up to you!​

Training Assets

Utilize an array of ProFusion’s training assets to build the perfect training solution

E-Learning Courses

From foundational to advanced topics, ProFusion’s e-learning courses lay the groundwork for understanding the market access environment

E-Learning Courses

Building a Foundation

In order to recognize and interpret key data within one’s territory, individuals must first understand overall concepts within the healthcare marketplace. ProFusion has an extensive catalog of off-the-shelf e-learning courses to introduce market trends and elaborate on how varying stakeholders are adapting their business decisions as a response to those trends. 
Learn more about course features HERE

Field Coaching Guides

Provide first-line sales leaders with tools to coach each sales rep on how to apply what they’ve learned to their territories

Field Coaching Guides

Making a difference in the field​

Training should result in a change of behaviors. ProFusion’s Field Coaching Guides are tools used by sales managers to help representatives take action steps based on what they’ve learned. The Guides are printable and specifically designed for application during ride-alongs or remote coaching.​

​Each Guide contains several important features:

Pull-through Webinars

Pull-through learning from Home Study with customized webinars facilitated by ProFusion

Pull-through Webinar

Solidifying Understanding

Pull-through webinars provide the opportunity to apply knowledge learned from e-learning courses to the team’s specific customer base and product. This is an opportunity for internal stakeholders to provide input on topics to focus on and desired takeaways. The parameters of the webinar are completely customizable, from length to topics to participants.

Webinars are built and facilitated by ProFusion to be interactive.  Depending on the size, some activities could include:

Retention Campaigns

Push a series of knowledge checks to learners to reinforce key learnings and gauge understanding

Retention Campaigns

Lasting Effects​

ProFusion’s retention campaigns ensure learners can recall key points from their training courses. The campaign spans four weeks beginning the day after completion of the course. Learners will be asked to complete six exercises, and will be ranked against their peers on a “forgetting curve”. ​

​They will receive notifications for six quiz exercises that consist of up to five quiz questions from the original course along a set schedule after course completion.

Research Tools

Properly managing a geography requires deep knowledge of the customer. Our research tools guide the user on uncovering the customer’s business model

Research Tools

Know Your Customer​

ProFusion has developed proprietary research tools designed to collect a comprehensive profile of the prescribing customer. The tools have a heavy focus on the influence of local integrated delivery networks as well as the payers that create the product access environment in each territory.​

A Research Workbook lists specific features of an individual territory, and why it is important to collect each data point. A Customer Profile Sheet captures the results of the research. Interpretive webinars follow the research effort, helping individuals understand how their own customers specifically operate as a business, and thereby create a unique prescribing environment.

Interactive Workshops

Activity-based workshops challenge learners to apply learning through case studies mimicking their customer universe

Interactive Workshops

Account Management Training

The Value Perspective Model uses these live workshops to apply knowledge about the market, learned through pre-work training, and about the customer, discovered with ProFusion’s research tools, to begin defining strategies. Matrix team collaboration can be maximized through these workshops.

ProFusion will work with internal stakeholders to develop real-world scenarios the team may encounter to challenge them to consider market and product access before calling on a customer.

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