At ProFusion, our services are guided by our Market Access Principles

Today’s healthcare marketplace is complex. It consists of pressures coming from federal laws and regulations, commercial payers, and competition within local markets. Understanding which data points are important and then interpreting those data points is what we try to teach.



A provider’s “value perspective” is changing because risk for the cost of care is shifting from payers to providers


A Provider’s business environment influences their perception of the value of your product(s)
As health systems grow through consolidation, a provider’s business environment is becoming more and more complex


Proper Brand/Account Management requires an understanding of the customer’s business environment

A health system that dominates a local market will make different business decisions than one that has a strong local competitor


Each customer/account operates in its own unique business environment
As they sign more risk-based contracts, health systems implement their own cost containment measures that may supersede measures put in place by payers


Health systems are becoming a second source of restrictions to product access
Our Market Access Principles can be applied to the entire U.S. healthcare marketplace, thereby helping pharma and biotech companies manage their brands. For teams and individuals operating in smaller ecosystems, our principles can help interpret local markets and how your customers operate within them. Both of these features lead to better Brand and Account Management strategies being applied all the way down to the prescriber level.

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What Customers are Saying

Extremely valuable information not only for general knowledge but how to apply to my business planning and strategy.
MAP Learner
The Current and Future State of Healthcare
Everything from the slides, to your knowledge and even the final activity were amazing. The team learned a lot, even the longer termed employees.
Brand Manager
Follow the Script & Dollar Workshop

Manufacturers Restricting 340B Sales to Contract Pharmacies

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  • Amgen
  • AstraZeneca
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  • Eli Lilly
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  • Novartis
  • Novo Nordisk
  • Sanofi
  • UCB
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