Are ACOs the Future of the Exchanges?

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Consider an ACO as a self-contained provider network. What better partner for a managed care company seeking to offer a policy for sale on the Exchanges? After all, the premium cost listed on the Exchange is one of the most important elements of the buying decision made by individual shoppers. So if an … Read More

Will King vs. Burwell Tear Down the Health Care Law?

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Quick answer: No…. King vs. Burwell is the case now before the Supreme Court, currently scheduled to be heard on March 4th, 2015. The Court will consider whether subsidies that help make premiums affordable for individuals are available in federally facilitated exchanges as well as the state-run exchanges. Currently 36 … Read More

Drug Copays Rise On the Exchanges

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AIS Health reported that drug copay levels for 2015 are rising significantly from 2014. When drug copays rise, it puts a higher cost sharing burden on patients in an effort to keep premiums affordable. Most  purchase decisions made by patients in the Exchanges are based on the monthly premium and yearly deductible displayed on the … Read More

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